How to install reCaptcha on wordpress

Are you looking for recaptcha service for wordpress comment box?

Then you are in the right place. Now we will show you how to launch recaptcha in WordPress. Currently the number of spam is constantly increasing. Spammers are constantly changing their tactics. Someone is spamming through a special program or robot. Basically we will use recaptcha for these.

How does recaptcha work?

Google recaptcha basically, constantly monitors user activity. It operates automatically. If any error is noticeable in any user case. However, one google recaptcha automatically completes one or more verification processes. This process is done in such a way that it cannot be completed by any instrument. In this case, if a spammer is spamming through a program or robot, the spammer will fail to spam.

The google recaptcha service performs tasks through image verification, text verification, and audio verification. So for all these benefits we will use google recaptcha.

However, Google has not created any plugin to launch recaptcha directly in WordPress. But some third parties have created such plugins, which are directly linked to google recaptcha.

Where do I usually use recaptcha?

  • User registration form can be used
  • user login form can be used
  • Testimonials
  • can be used with comment box.
  • Custom form
  • Reset password form
  • Contact Form

It is also possible to use it in some more places.

We will complete the Google recaptcha install in 3 steps.

  1. Download, Install and active reCaptcha plugin.
  2. Google ReCaptcha Registration
  3. Setup Google reCaptcha.

1. Download, Install and active reCaptcha plugin.

First I will download the plugin by clicking here. Or go to the plugin from the WordPress dashboard. Then add new. Then I will search by typing reCaptcha by BestWebSoft. I will install the plugin mentioned in the search results. Once the installation is complete, I will activate it. Which is shown through the screenshot below.

2. Google ReCaptcha Registration

Before using the plugin, a registration needs to be completed. Click here to complete the registration. The process of completing the registration is shown in the screenshot below. Where the red mark is done correctly. Then click the submit button.

Registration is complete. Shows two unique codes here. The code needs to be saved for use in the next steps.

3. Setup Google reCaptcha.

Now enter the WordPress Dashboard. Now you will see an option called recaptcha, if you click on settings from here, a form will come up. Whose screenshot is given below. Here you have to first install the two previously found Unicodes. Now fill in the space with the red mark given by the screenshot. However, in this case you can choose the option of your choice. Now click on Save Change. Your work is done perfectly. To verify, enter any post from any other device or any other browser. You can see the recaptcha service here.

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