How to make money with payoneer affiliate program

Payoneer is a global payment service provider. Which provides global money send and receive online. Payoneer was founded in 2005.

When you create a payoneer account. Then you will get local bank accounts of a few different currencies. Such as USD, URO, GBP etc. You can payment receive or money in Payoneer account from any bank. There is an opportunity to easily convert money from this currency to another currency. That means you are getting a multiple currency account. Moreover, Payoneer is giving International Debit MasterCard. Through which all transactions can be done starting from global product purchase. Moreover, there is a system to give money withdrawal. Payoneer currently operates in 200 countries around the world. And money can be withdrawn in the local bank account of any country.

How much earn from a Payoneer referral ?

You can easily create a Payoneer account from Payoneer’s official website. However, if you create a Payoneer account through someone’s referral link, you will get a bonus of 25 USD.

You will receive 25 USD for each successful referral through the Payoneer Affiliate Program. And anyone who has created an account on your referral will also receive 25 USD. However, the condition is that the person who created the referral account must receive 1000 USD payment from any marketplace. There is no need to create a separate account for Payoneer Affiliates. The General Payoneer account can be used as an affiliate account.

How can I create a Payoneer account?

A local bank account is required to create a Payoneer account. Moreover you will need an email and a mobile number. First you will need your name, address, email and a mobile. The account will then be created with a local bank account and two security questions, respectively. Local bank account, it will be used for withdrawal. Real information must be provided when creating a Payoneer account. Because verification will be required later.

Once the account is created, the Payoneer Authority will review and activate your account. Once the account is activated, you will be notified via email via a message. Your account is now usable. However, it is better to verify the account before use. Click here to learn step-by-step how to create a Payoneer account.

For whom is the Payoneer account very important ?

  • For those who work with various advertisements, Payoneer account is very important. Because the advertising marketplaces support Payoneer.
  • For those who do affiliate marketing. Because most affiliate marketers support Payoneer.
  • For those who do freelancing. Most of the world’s freelancing marketplaces support Pioneer. Such as freelancer, fiberr, upwork etc.
  • Payoneer is important for those who travel. Because travelers travel to different countries of the world. Since Payoneer is supported in most countries of the world, it is possible to make all kinds of transactions starting from shopping through Payoneer account and Pioneer MasterCard.
  • Moreover, anyone can create an account and make any transaction just like your bank.

Payoneer Affiliate Income Proof.

I have been with Payoneer for the past 4 years. In addition to personal use, I have earned thousands of dollars only through referrals. Suppose you accounted for 100 people through the referral, then you will get 2500 USD and everyone who created the account will get 25 USD. The income proof received from a referral is given below.

How safe is Payoneer ?

Payoneer through a highly secure transaction because Payoneer is registered with American banking security agency . Their servers are protected with maximum security. Payoneer verifies the user for each transaction. So it is impossible to be hacked and scammed from here. Moreover, if your two-factor verification system is turned on. However, a verification code will be sent at the time of each transaction. Which indicates extreme protection.

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