Privacy Policy

wpalltools is a blog type website. Most of the writing is done here. However, in addition to this, there are some products and sales arrangements. There are many types of free content, including articles and videos.

This website is basically WordPress and website related. So here are various kinds of advice and guidance on solving various problems related to website, website creation, website development, website design, web site security etc. There are other services as well such as some free themes, plugins and some software. Which a user gets completely free.

I am making a list of customers so that the customer can easily get these services. The list is created automatically through user registration. Our policies regarding the provision of personal information are discussed in detail.

What personal information do we store?

  • We are collect the full name of the user.
  • User age.
  • Current user address.
  • Permanent user address.
  • The user’s email address.
  • User phone number.

Why do we collect personal information?

We collect the above personal information from the user. These are the reasons we collect user personal information.

  • Know the user’s previous history, such as what kind of service the user has previously received from us.
  • To monitor user comments.
  • To inform the user about important service content or products.

How can personal information be kept secret from us?

  • We do not display user personal information anywhere.
  • Personal information is specially stored and maintained.
  • The information is not sold to individuals or organizations in any way.
  • The information is stored only with the CEO of the organization. No other employees are allowed to display or use it.