Trams and Conditions

About our website.

wpalltools is a website platform. Here is information about WordPress theme, plugin, website development etc. This website is run directly by wpalltools so read the rules below carefully. Because in no way can you use the services properly without the consent of the rules. These rules allow you to change wpalltools at any time. The user must be notified if any special changes to the rules are noticed.

How do I agree to the terms?

When the user fills out the form, consent will be given through a tick mark in the box below the firm. These are the things that must be agreed upon.

  • Must use real name.
  • Address and phone number must be correct.
  • No product can be tried for illegal use.
  • An account cannot be used by more than one person.

About 90 percent of the services that the wpalltools website provides are content. Which are various tutorials to learn and reviews of various important physical and digital products. Moreover there are some free digital products including various themes, plugins and software.

All these services are open to everyone in the world. Anyone can use them if they want. However, the condition is that they cannot be misused. For example, copy of the content here may not be used for any other marketing purposes or our content may not be used in whole or in part for personal marketing purposes in any book or social media without our permission. We’re always trying to keep our content secure. Our content is protected by